Monday, December 16, 2013

Delicious Churros

Since I am still on bed rest and haven't left the house in a week, there isn't much to tell about our goings on in Guadalajara, though Vlad and the baby got stopped by the cops at 4:00 a.m. when Vlad was taking him on an early morning stroll. Thankfully, little Jaroslav evaded arrest, but the police were curious about just where Vlad lived and what the heck he was doing with that baby.

Homebound life aside, we did find some way cool, awesome stuff in Guadalajara prior to having a newborn that I can regale you with for at least a couple of posts.

For instance, churros. Churros, for the uninitiated, are somewhat like a cross between doughnuts and funnel cake sprinkled with sugar, except heaps better than either. And we just happen to be staying around the corner from a Guadalajaran churro icon. Churros La Bombilla has been around since the 50s and has a diner-esque quality with booths and couples sipping milkshakes. People of all ages head to this establishment that pretty much only sells churros, ice cream and hot chocolate. That they have thrived for 60 years on the fried batter and hot chocolate market is a testament to how good the place is.

The churro masters at work.
We went there several times when my mom and Bob were in town to help with the baby (who by the way did not come while they were here!!), and Vlad still goes to get me a crazy delicious hot chocolate every once in a while. The hot chocolate comes in three chocolatey levels, and the first is mexicano, which is the least chocolatey, while the last is espana, which is similar to drinking a chocolate bar. It is unbelievably thick and truth be told a smidge too decadent.

Look at how patiently they were waiting for that baby.
If you're in the neighborhood of Parque Revolucion in Guadalajara, I would suggest a stop at La Bombilla. About a week after she and Bob left, my mom flew back for a couple of days to help out and meet the baby, but secretly I think she returned for the churros.

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