Blogs Galore

Since I developed my slight cruising blog obsession, I just can't help but read as many as possible, perusing them for information on places, things to bring, things to avoid and your typical tale of adventure on the high seas. At first, I included the list on the home page of the blog, but as it has grown longer I thought it deserved its own space. Some are about the sailing lifestyle, the technical side, cruising with kids, living aboard, cruising on a budget, and the list goes on.

Aboard Astraea
Aboard Madrigal
Adventures of Sarabande
The Adventures of Tig and Serena
Arkansas Traveler
As a Bee
Baby on a Boat
Bobbie Rounds the World
Controlled Jibe
The Excellent Adventure
Forge Over
Gremlin's Hammer
It's Irie
Little Cunning Plan
Maia Aboard
The Monkey's Fist
More Joy Everywhere
Our Life with Ceol Mor
Pacific Sailors
Picaroon Blog
Princess Aboard
The Quest for Wind and Waves
Rebel Heart
Sailing Simplicity and the Pursuit of Happiness
So Many Beaches
Spirit of Kaizen
S/V Nyon
S/V Reach
S/V Rubicon
S/V Totem
Sundowner Sails Again
The Voyage of Swell
Water Log
World Tour Stories
Yoders Afloat
You, Me and the D
Zach Aboard
Zero to Cruising

Want to read about something other than sailing? Here's a couple more that I enjoy and that, gasp, have nothing to do with cruising.

Not by Occident
Ukulele Newbie
Steve Harris Photo Blog


  1. Well, now I'm going to be spending a lot of time in front of the computer! Thanks for the list! Do you know if any of these folks are still preparing to cruise, haven't made it off the dock yet? I'm trying to find more blogs of people in the same position we are in.

  2. For sure! Undoubtedly, I'm going to miss some, but here it goes - Rebel Heart, S/V Rubicon, Our Life With Ceol Mor, Aboard Madrigal, Aboard Astraea. And, of course, Sundowner Sails Again, but you already know about them. Have fun reading! I sure have.

  3. I just saw this! Thanks for the shoutout! And when you're done with your adventure, I'm going to insist that you write a book.

  4. No worries, Debbie. Hope all is well in China. And I'll write a book, but only if you're my editor!

  5. Hey thanks for mentioning our blog! We've been reading your blog and loving your writing style - we look forward to reading about your adventures at sea!

  6. My pleasure! I've been loving your blog too. All those awesome pictures of Mexico have really been inspiring!

  7. So I'm embarrassed to say that this is my first time here. Thanks for the linky love. I love that you're travelling with a hedgehog. It made me laugh. Look forward to reading more!