Sunday, December 22, 2013

Great Art and Grandmas

The Orozco mural in the Governor's Palace.

I knew about the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera but not about his contemporary and fellow muralist Jose Celemente Orozco. So when my mom and Bob were still in Guadalajara, we had an art day and went to go look at all the Orozco murals we could find around Guadalajara. One word best sums up the paintings that we saw - "radical." From Hidalgo swinging a burning sword to depictions of a corrupt clergy, the paintings we looked at in Guadalajara were filled with references to political and social strife. He brought high art to public spaces, detailing the struggles between regular citizens and those in power. 

Alas, little Jari did not get to see the great muralist's work first hand, but he did get a bath from both grandmas. As you can see, he's not a big fan of baths yet. Yet. 

So far, he prefers snuggles.

Many thanks to our families for helping us through this time. It made a huge difference and was a huge help to all three of us. And here's another gratuitous baby photo. I just had to include one of him looking oh, so, fashionable in argyle.


  1. Love the art, but have to say... the baby photos rock the post. Cutie pie!

  2. Oh what a sweet little boy you have. <3 I am fully admitting to stalking your blog for baby photos. Oh and you know he will always be little Genghis to me. ;)

  3. I'm pretty sure I've seen Vlad make that face. Glad to see the little Tatterberry follows after his old man.