Thursday, October 3, 2013

Home Is Where the Boat Is

A good friend of ours commented on our Facebook page yesterday about how "Home is where the boat is," a concept I've been considering recently, and then I started digging through our trip photos and became entranced.

We have been to some incredible places in the past year and a half, places we never would have gone had we chosen a more conventional path. And those photos reminded me not just of the places we've traveled but of the traveling itself. Those days on the ocean with nothing but waves all around us, meals made heeled over 15 degrees (or 25!), books we've read, kites we've flown off the back, dolphins covered in phosphorescence following us like faint green phantoms in the water, the occasional sea turtle and sailfish and stowaway bird, both the storms and the afternoon sun we've dodged and just being so utterly alone away from any of the normal ties that normally bind us to a place.

Anyway, I've been feeling appreciative of our water wanderings, and, yes, it's good to be home. Despite the heat.


  1. Sounds like in all it's a good life. Wonderful!

  2. Welcome back home! I can imagine it's hard to be away from your beloved Bettie. Looking forward to seeing the new addition to the family. Hopefully the heat is subsiding there as it is here.