Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Update from Babyland

Only seven weeks left to go!
So in case anyone was wondering, things have been muy bien in Babyland. Overall, pregnancy has been a very pleasant, despite the whole morning sickness drama that we went through. I've been in a really good mood, and morning sickness aside it's been kind of fun, though admittedly I am not nearly as spry as I used to be. And in case anyone was extra curious, we are having a boy! He is healthy, about five pounds right now and moves around like crazy. And best of all, he looks like a grumpy old man in his ultrasound pictures.

See what I mean?

For our prenatal care, we've been seeing Dra. Laura Garcia in Puerto Vallarta, who is now famous in pregnant women boating in Mexico circles (an oddly larger group than you would imagine), but, even though we love on the Dra. Laura, we are going to have the baby at a natural birthing center in Guadalajara.

Why would we travel five hours by bus to have a baby? Well, it mainly has to do with Mexico's fifty percent c-section rate. Obviously, I would completely embrace a c-section if something went wrong. I just didn't like the idea of having a fifty percent chance of major abdominal surgery without it truly being medically necessary or of being looked at as odd because we were opting for a more natural approach. So off to Guadalajara we go.

Plenitude, the birth center, is attached to a hospital. Everyone speaks English, which means I won't have to try to communicate in abysmal Spanish during a time when that part of my brain may cease to function, and most importantly it's a super welcoming and relaxing place, according to our friends who recently had their baby girl there.

Plus, why pass up a trip to do some inland travel, especially to a place that's 10 degrees cooler than PV? We still have to do some boat stuff this month. However, by the time we head to Guadalajara, we will have a whole three weeks to relax and watch movies and eat cake, and I will get to once more trounce Vlad in a "friendly" game of dominoes while we wait for this baby to arrive. The due date, for what it's worth, is November 20th, so let the countdown begin!


  1. I AM SO STOKED you're going to Plenitud!!! Joni is the absolute rockinest bestest in the whole wide world, and I adore her. You are going to have a spectacularly awesome birth.

    ... now do you actually want to know why your baby looks grumpy in the ultrasounds? Or should I just hush? =P

  2. I just KNEW you were having a boy! Little Genghis!!!! I am so excited for you as you start this newest adventure. I hope you have a beautiful birth, an amazing baby moon and just get to start on your parenting journey with smiles and happiness!

  3. November 20th is my b-day, so I'll be thinking of you and little grumpy man on that day! Natural childbirth is the most amazing experience you will ever have. Cliche to say, but life-altering. I adored hot showers during the tough parts—your body will tell you what will bring you relief. Enjoy, and play lots of dominoes will you have your hands free! Oh, and one of my best friends runs an internationally known breastfeeding support site called The Leaky Boob. Check it out and tell Jessica I sent you! Hugs from Sally's big sis!

  4. Awesome! I, too, guessed a boy when your morning sickness became so apparent. I know that's not 100% accurate, but it's at least 50% accurate. Maybe just a 'feeling'. Whatever, how cool is it that you can see his little face already? Thanks for the update and the due date! Sounds like you have made a great choice. 50% cesarean rate would be too high for me, too.

  5. Nov 20th ... that's my b-day ... a Scorpio baby! A boy ... congrats! =)

    Enjoy those weeks in cooler air! =)