Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Back in Mexico

Yesterday afternoon we ended our three month Bettie hiatus under the load of four bags stuffed mainly with baby paraphernalia. And I cannot thank Vlad's aunt enough. She gave us surprise taxi money, which meant that Vlad did not try to lug all of our baggage on various bus rides and collectivo trips in a hot, brutal march to save on pesos.

Speaking of the heat, I don't think I've ever had a better idea than to go back to the U.S. for the months of July, August and September. Not only did Vlad work like crazy, filling up the cruising kitty, but we also did not experience the Banderas Bay summer with its intense heat and air so thick with humidity its like breathing soup. Suffice to say, it's been quite an adjustment the past couple of days. I had a return of the dreaded heat rash and have had to retreat to the air conditioned "VIP" room at the marina every afternoon, unfortunately proving true that old cliche about pregnant women and hot weather. And when I am on the boat, I've resorted to unpacking wearing only my underwear while secretly wishing that Vlad would show up one afternoon bearing the greatest of gifts - an air conditioner. On the bright side, they say the heat will break some time this month, an occasion that should be celebrated with a parade and possibly fireworks.  

Let's just say it's going to be a slow process getting our boat in order and ready for the baby, but Bettie looks great. She made it through the three months just fine, without either sinking or becoming a pelican nesting site, and despite all my complaining about the heat it sure is nice to be home.

P.S. Another special thanks to all our dock friends who looked after Bettie while we were gone, and congratulations to our friends Jess and James on their new bambino Rocket. She is pretty much the cutest thing ever!


  1. Congrats on being "home" ... glad Bettie welcomed ya'll with no problems!

  2. Yay to being back. And THANK YOU for bringing that Ergo to Susy at Lupe's. You rock!

  3. You guys are awesome -- so glad to hear that Bettie was waiting for you just as you left her, and that you're settling in despite the heat :) Keep the updates coming!!

  4. I'm glad it's nice to be home and you are settling in. I will keep fingers crossed that the heat breaks soon and you can get some relief. Meanwhile, to the VIP lounge!

  5. Glad you are back with Bettie and on the blog! I am really looking forward to hearing about your next adventure. And yes, parenting totally IS an adventure!