Sunday, November 24, 2013

Photos from Guadalajara

I mentioned before that we gusta Guadalajara, but after walking around the other evening for three hours (yes, I was completely exhausted, and no, there is still no baby!) we've decided that we kinda sorta love it. This town just has pulse. And though we are all about the sleepy Mexican fishing village, it's nice to have the energy of a city for a change.

Orchestra in the park.

Pregnant woman looking at books.

Mad, crazy day of the dead sculptures.

Pregnant woman with pie. Mmm, pie.

Great Danes watching us, watching them.

Crappy graffiti. C'mon, Guadalajarans! Get your art on.

And sometimes you run across a goat's head. Sorry, but it happens.


  1. What? No baby yet? I was just wondering about you yesterday. Love the photo of you and the lovely looking coffee and pie.

  2. Looks like a great place, with a cool vibe! Best wishes for the soon-to-be delivery!