Monday, September 10, 2012

Wildlife Gone Wild

We took Vlad's dad to Dolphin Bay, which isn't technically the correct Dolphin Bay. At least, I don't think it is since each little island or bay in Bocas seems to have multiple names, many of which aren't on any map we can find. We call the watery area right outside Tierra Oscura, which is a tranquil lagoon pinched between Isla Cristobal and the mainland, Dolphin Bay because - you guessed it - we always see dolphins in that spot.

Two of them played right in front of the bow, putting on a darn good show for Vlad's dad.

And in other animal news, we also took Vlad's dad to the red poison dart frog mecca on Isla Bastimentos, and the colorful little amphibians were everywhere, posing in knotholes and poking their heads up from underneath wet leaves. In addition to being deadly, they really are adorable.

Alas, we did not see any sloths while Vlad's dad was here, but yesterday Sloth Watch 2012 continued with the best sloth scene we've seen to date. The little guy was in a short tree without a lot of leaves, perfect for watching him go about his slothy business, and we learned from one of the Indians who was walking by that the native word for sloth is "cu." Too bad someone forgot the camera.


  1. Awesome you can go to places and be assured a wildlife sighting! Beats fresh water fishing on a lake.

    So those red dart frogs...Are they everywhere?

    Do you have to be careful not to run into them?

    Have you ever been threatened by the frogs darting out falling on you?

    Do you think the Sloths and Frogs work together?
    Don't scratch my back and I won't scratch yours, lol.

    I wonder if they would survive well on your deck. If Bettie had a makeshift jungle on the top sides full of red dart frogs you may be able to ward off evil doers, kinda like a dog. Just a thought;D

  2. Lol! It really is pretty sweet to find places that always seem to have a ton of frogs, dolphins, etc. It definitely makes entertaining visitors easier!

    Hmm, sloth frog collaboration? Sounds treacherous. And we are thinking about adding a couple of geckos to the boat to eat any bugs that get on board, so maybe your "Bettie as a jungle" idea will one day become a reality!

  3. I am 100% in favor of dolphins and cute but deadly frogs. Nice photos Attila!

    1. I like your enthusiasm! And I'm glad you like the photos. I'm trying to get as good at it as you are!

  4. The frogs won't kill you if you mind your own business and keep your tongue in your mouth! They area gorgeous. Just catching up on your blog. I have to work backwards.

    1. What? No frog licking?! There's no fun in that.

    2. hahaha (Rolling on the floor)

      Yeah, yeah. We know why some of your photos are blurry!