Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Short Video for Saturday

Here is a tiny slice of Panama. I hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. Love it!! Those kids looking into the water are so cute. What a life.

  2. Totally agree! I loved the way they were dragging their fingers in the water. So cool.

  3. I really like these short videos, keep em coming!

    For some reason lately I've taken a liking to videos vs pictures. It's like a can relive something more when I see it in a video.

  4. Yeah, that's true. I've been trying to get better about taking video rather than only pictures, but unfortunately we don't have a great video camera.

    1. Yeah, we just use our Cannon Power shot camera to do the video's. There is a setting for higher quality video, but you need a big memory SD card. I'm not sure If we'll get a designated video camera for our trip..maybe.