Monday, December 19, 2011

There's Not Much Space on a Sailboat

Our table folds up to create an extra berth.
One of the things that I both enjoy and find challenging about living in a boat is the fact that there's no space. So not only can you not have much stuff, you also have to figure out where to put the stuff you do have. It's a bit like living in a puzzle or in your own personal version of Alice's Wonderland - one where your boyfriend gets stuck in the bathroom and thwacks his head a lot but you can't reach the bottom of the refrigerator without a step stool.

Because space is limited, sailboat designers and sailors have come up with ingenious ways of creating more space. Throughout any boat, there are hidden compartments, cubbyholes, lockers, berths that double as seating that double as storage chests, and tables that raise or lower depending on what you need. Here's a video of a guy who has an incredibly tiny apartment in Europe. Every part of his apartment pulls out or folds up almost as if he's living in origami, and guess where he got his inspiration? From boats, of course.


  1. What engineering! I agree that one of the things I like about the boat is that clean up is a snap. I don't have 3000 square feet to clean on a boat, and it does force me to put things away in a timely manner,since there isn't another room to move to if I mess up the one I'm in. Food for thought. This guy must be an engineering genius.
    Another email question: looks like I can subscribe to comments via email, but not your posts?

  2. I like that aspect of living aboard as well. It forces you to be tidy, and it's quick to clean. I'm trying to teach myself to be OCD about putting everything away directly after I use it, but it's a slow process. Baby steps, baby steps.