Friday, December 16, 2011

Less Talk, More Hedgehog!

If Sid Vicious didn't have such a bad attitude, he'd be the perfect boat pet. He's small, quiet, doesn't need long walks, loves snuggling and eats a small bag of cat food every six months. Yesterday, we figured out one more thing that he hates - me knitting (I'm trying to be crafty for Christmas, and it's not going very well.) - and another addition to the very short list of things that he likes - cheddar cheese.

Unfortunately for him, hedgehogs are mildly lactose intolerant, so the cheese is going to have to be an infrequent treat. The above picture is of him nibbling on a tiny piece of cheddar and totally ignoring the apple we offered him. Way to be unhealthy, hedgehog.


  1. He may be vicious, but he is adorable. Is there a way to subscribe to your posts via email? If so, I'm not finding it.

  2. Okay, never mind. I found it below the comment box. Just a bit of a techno-impaired problem.