Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where Do You Store Your Clothes on a Boat?

This sounds like a completely mundane topic, right? I mean, closet space is not what comes to most people's minds when they think of adventure on the high seas and escaping to a tropical paradise. But when you move on to a boat where to store your clothes becomes one of those immediate questions like "How do I fit my blender, coffee maker, mixer and toaster on a foot-and-a-half of counter space?" 

Anyway, Vlad and I lucked out on Bettie because she had a whole workshop/sewing area in the v-berth, and we converted one side into a makeshift closet. (Oh, and Vlad made the curtains. My boyfriend is truly a man of many talents!) Others, however, have to figure out how to store their clothing without much space and in a way that keeps them dry and mold-free. Here's a couple of ways to go about this:

1). Storage bags or bins: Lots of people fold or roll their clothes up and put them in vacuum pack bags or plastic bins. This keeps out moisture and, with a dryer sheet added, ensures freshness.

2). Hanging shoe rack: One of my neighbors uses this method in her hanging locker, and it allows her to pack more clothing into a small space while still having everything accessible.

3). Throw pillows and hanging bags: The former owner of Bettie was an ingeniously crafty lady and made throw pillows and hanging bags for the boat that you could use for extra storage. We keep all of our towels, sheets, blankets and t-shirts in these, and some of them double as lounging pillows for the settee. Mmmm, lounging!

4). Your car: If you're still attached to shore like we are, then you might have a vehicle, and if you do, then I can guarantee that your trunk will be filled up with a variety of items that you just can't part with yet but that won't fit on the boat. Like the 15 pairs of shoes that I never wear. O.K., maybe it's more like 20. Many people, also, convert their back seats into hanging closets.

When we head out for our overseas excursion, we will obviously downsize the amount of clothing we have. After all, we only need so many pairs of flip flops.

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