Monday, November 7, 2011

Hedgehog in Profile on Cabin Sole

That dramatic play between light and shadow, the majestic turn of the snout -  it's like a still life by Rembrandt. What? Is that too much or something?

Just to let you know "sole" is the word we sailors use for "floor." Mariners seem to take the most common language, change it to something totally different and then act shocked when you use the wrong word. Take the word "rope," for instance. Seems pretty innocuous, right? Well, don't say that word around the docks cause someone will most certainly correct you. "It's called a 'line,' landlubber, and don't you forget it!"

I should really figure out the etymology for some of this stuff so that the next time I'm chastised for using the wrong lingo I can say, "Ah, yes, the word 'sole' originated from a pirating clan off the coast of Malta in the 1700s." If only my Oxford English Dictionary would fit on the boat.

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