Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Conspiracy of Sleep and Humidity

It's officially the rainy season. Every night we are greeted with the flash bang of lightning at 3:00 a.m., and every morning I wake up to soggy cockpit cushions that we can't seem to get dry enough to stow before the next torrential downpour. 

And it seems that all the humidity was just too much for my computer, which may have suffered its second hard drive failure in so many years. That makes a total of three failed computer hard drives and two dead-as-door-nails external hard drives. Electronics are no match for boat life.

And all that extra moisture means squall activity, especially at night, which leads me to the sleep portion of this conspiracy. Life with a baby is fun but not exactly restful. Jari started out as an excellent sleeper. For four months, he slept pretty much through the night, every night, and I would wake up all bright eyed to a happy, equally bright-eyed baby. It was fabulous. 

Then we got hit with the four-month sleep regression, and then he outgrew his bassinet. We tried to make a bunk for him on the settee, but he would have none of it. So he ended up sleeping in bed with us. In a bed slightly smaller that a full size mattress. Did I mention that our baby defies the laws of physics and takes up the majority of the bed? It's true. Did I also mention that Jari kicks and scratches all night? Yeah, he does. Did I also mention that as his main food source he really prefers to snuggle up right next to me and then kick and scratch? 

Long story short, I was having a really hard time sleeping and would spend all night shuffling around to various corners of the boat trying to get comfortable enough to doze for at least a couple of hours. Vlad said it was like living with a groundhog, in addition to the hedgehog and the bed hog we already had on board. So now I sleep on the settee. Every night we raise up the table, and I get to snuggle down by my lonesome while Vlad sleeps with the baby. And we were all sleeping relatively well, until the humidity kicked in. 

Now the baby wakes up at least once a night from the thunder storms and then I'm up for another hour or two trying to get back to sleep and then he wakes up again. And our computer is broken. I know this doesn't count as an actual conspiracy, but it sure feels that way. 

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  1. Failed computer hard drive times three? Yikes, that was tough. Data storage can be a really fragile thing, as there are a lot of factors that can rattle hardware. It can't be helped, right? I guess we just have to deal with it everytime. Take care!

    Gene Sullivan @ eTech