Sunday, May 4, 2014

We Cut the Dock Lines ... Again

A very nice morning in La Cruz.

Right now we are sitting in the most amazing of places, a spot we haven't been to in almost a year. The anchorage. I am currently typing in our cockpit, enjoying a cup of coffee and looking at the sprinkle of boats anchored in the flat calm bay. The pelicans are causing trouble, and occasionally a fish breaks the surface tension. Can you tell that it feels really, really good to be back? 

Before this run, the longest we had ever stayed in a marina since leaving Texas was two weeks at Shelter Bay because my dad was visiting and because of some Panama Canal business, and I thought that was extravagant. If you want to cruise on the cheap, it's obvious that marina's are not the place to be, but we were dealing with atypical circumstances. Nothing like having a baby to stick you on the docks for a few months.

Unfortunately, the main anchorage here in Banderas Bay is kind of crap. It has zero protection and gets super choppy when the winds kick up in the afternoon, which makes for wet dinghy rides. But we're hoping as we travel up the coast we will find more hospitable digs. Even with the chop and roll, we are still liking this life if yesterday evening was any indication. The wind was still gusting, and we all sat in the cockpit as the sun was going down. Vlad and I talked shop, while Jari sat in his diaper playing with a toy giraffe and watching the seagulls dip and dive. There aren't too many better ways to end a day.


  1. You are sounding very relaxed! Looks like you and Vlad are ready to move on with your little bambino helping you at the helm. It sounds lovely.

    1. It is relaxed for now, Melissa, but we'll see what it's like underway with our newest crew member. I'm guessing there's gong to be an adjustment period.