Friday, May 30, 2014

Going Places

For the first time in a year, we actually went somewhere new on our boat, and though a Pacific crossing it was not, we had a lovely time in Punta de Mita, the resort and surf town at the edge of Banderas Bay.

And it was great! The anchorage was a million times better than the one at La Cruz, less swell and a gentle breeze in the afternoon instead of the gusting winds we generally get down here. The water was just gorgeous, that dreamy tropical blue, and we took Jari for some more swim time, which included dodging paddle boarders and hanging out with a group of local kids who can best be described as "scamps."

We also got to put Jari in what I've been calling the Mexican high chair of death. Every restaurant in Mexico seems to have the same high chair that has nothing to strap a baby in so they could easily fall through the gap between the chair and the tray. Of course, we were trying to be relaxed about it, but our little perpetual motion machine always scoots forward as much as possible while constantly wriggling and banging his arm on the tray, clamoring for more and edging ever closer to sliding through the gap. But who doesn't want a side of danger with their lunch?

The town of Punta de Mita is a bit odd. We've seen resort areas in Mexico, the usual palapa bars and hotels lining the beach, but Mita had a garrison wall of condos that made me nervous about boiling oil or a barrage of arrows if we got too close. Once you walk past the palapas and the intimidating condo wall, the town is kind of barren, all concrete and dust and few trees. And to really play up the stark divide, you then hit another manicured resort that's gated. Anyway, weird place.

But it has the best fish tacos I've had so far in Mexico, and the baby got swept up in mariachi madness and stolen by another Mexican lady. Though I guess you can't really call that news since it happens every time we go out.

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