Monday, April 28, 2014

The Baby Parade

Check out these way cool blocks from Jess, James and Rocket!

For three weeks we were in the United States taking Jari on a much needed visit to see family and friends. We went both to Arkansas and to New Mexico, traveling by airplane and by car, and the kiddo did very well, despite the fact that both his parents got food poisoning on the trip to Arkansas. We have managed to travel all over Central America with only one bout of food poisoning for yours truly on the bus from Puerto Angel to Acapulco (I swear I didn't eat the iguana tamales!), and yet we got sick, sick, sick from a couple of sandwiches in Puerto Vallarta, which created possibly the worst traveling day ever. First time flying with baby and vomiting. That's never a good mixture.

Horrible flying experience aside, the little guy got to meet many of the important people in his life. He got to play the accordion with his Great Aunt Ruthie and learn all about dogwood trees with his grandma. He learned about floors and cold weather. He got to meet his first chicken, see his first forest, look at his first desert, sneak a taste fresh pumpkin puree and just get generally loved on by his grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.

And he completely hammed it up for them. Truly, this kid is all smiles these days.

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  1. And what a gorgeous smile it is too! <3
    Sorry you got so sick, that is the pits but worth it I think to introduce Jari to the family. :)