Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What to Do Next?

I don't usually share the inner workings of my thoughts on the blog, but here lately Vlad and I have been musing about what we want to do and where we want to go next. It's always better to have options, and we've thankfully got a few.

One thought is that we stay here in Mexico for a bit. We could sail in the Sea of Cortez, keep practicing our Spanish and continue living in a country that we totally dig. We love the people here and the food, not to mention that our kiddo is a native. Eventually, of course, we would have to bash our way back up the coast to California, which is a 1,700-mile trip to San Francisco against the wind and the current. You know, pretty much our favorite way to travel.

The other, one might say crazier option, is to make that big leap across the Pacific this year, sail through French Polynesia and end up in New Zealand. From there, we would have the option to sell the boat or do more exploring. This is about a 7,000-mile voyage theoretically with the wind and the waves, but given our track record, well, you never know.

As far as wear and tear on Bettie, I'd say the two choices are both rough. Though doable, the bash up to California sounds pretty crap, and the trip to New Zealand is just plain long with the occasional tough sail thrown in. I can't help but daydream, though, about preparing for and then completing the longest ocean passage in the world, seeing some remote places we might never see otherwise and possibly sailing with the wind behind us for once. Maybe I'm just getting swept up in the Puddle Jump fever that's in high gear around the bay these days, but there's something about it that seems just so enticing.

On the other hand, we really love Mexico, and with the new baby we are a short plane ride away from family. And Jari, for sure, puts a whole new perspective on things. I'm not necessarily scared to be out in the middle of the Pacific with our two month old, but the weight of that decision all of a sudden seems quite heavy. What if something goes wrong and we are 1,500 miles away from land?

It's a lot to digest. Right now, we're just going to continue doing what we're doing - working and getting the boat put together, and when April rolls around, we shall see where we stand. I'm not the only one reconsidering our route. Our friends over at Our Life with Ceol Mor are as well.


  1. I bet it is easy to get caught up in the puddle jumping hype! Everytime I read about it online it makes me want to go. One thing we can always count on from this blog are unexpected twists and turns, so I'm excited to see what you end up doing.

    The Sea of Cortez is a neat place and cheap we hear. Tate and I have given thought to coming up there after we cross through the Panama Canal and heading out across the Pacific after a while there.

  2. I remember going through that for two years! We stayed an extra year in the Sea of Cortez (over the summer too) and loved it! And we did jump this past year... There is that option, one more year in Mexico, and jump next year! Who knows, if you make it this way, we could be in the welcoming committee... Sticking around NZ for a while! (If you were to consider that, feel free to email with questions, it's a process and a half! And we wish we'd been better prepared!) Good luck making a decision, the possibilities are endless! :)

  3. If you jump you will have to find a home for Sid... Hedgies aren't welcome in the antipodes :( other than that it's awesome on this side of the world!

  4. We had a great Baja Bash. I dreaded it so badly and it turned out just fine. It's all about timing and the book. Buy the book!

  5. Go go go!

    You only get a few chances at these fantastic opportunities. Our time in the Rio Dulce and others prior have shown us how easy it is for sailors to grow roots.

    Also we will get to know you a bit better, other than brief meetings when our boat was on land and a mess.

    Dunc and Ruth

  6. But it isn't it wonderful to have these things to mull over? How very fortunate we are.
    I know whatever you decide will be wonderful and fulfilling and exciting because of that ridiculously adorable little crew member of yours. What ever you do, you will do it with Jari and that's really kind of awesome, isn't it?