Friday, February 7, 2014

Family Fun Times

My dad and Aleks came for a visit last week to meet the new addition to the family, and Jari gave them plenty of snuggles and smiles. They wound up really enjoying La Cruz with its small-town easiness, its plethora of taco stands and old men and kids hanging out in the square. My dad couldn't  even get lost wandering the four streets.

In fact, he liked La Cruz so much that he verged on the sacrilegious. He said that if he wasn't so attached to his place in the Ozarks he'd consider moving here, and I have never heard my dad say anything remotely like this about any other place on the planet. Ever.

Plus, they saw whales! Lots of them. January and February are the peak whale watching months, and Dad and Aleks got quite a show. They even saw a humpback breach. Unfortunately, Jari and I couldn't go with them because the little guy didn't meet the age requirements.  Only a couple more years, buddy.

Thanks for the wonderful trip, Aleks and Dad! We miss you already and can't wait for the next visit. Here's some more photos of awesome family goodness:

Aleks and Dad brought Jari some baby sunglasses, and he is now the hit of the dock. People have literally stopped to take his picture.


  1. I haven't seen baby sunglasses before. They're pretty cool looking.

    Good to see he's doing so well. He's got a great smile.

  2. Your dad looks perfect holding Jari <3!!