Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photos of Our Travels on the Pacific Side of Panama

We have a decent enough interwebs connection for some photos of our trip up the Pacific coast of Panama.

Sunset at Isla San Jose in the Perlas islands

Surrounded by birds at Isla San Jose.

Hermit crabs on parade at Isla Rancheria.

The gorgeous anchorage we got kicked out of at Coiba. Darn park fees.

Shells on Isla Rancheria.

Our sail from Coiba to the Secas.

Weird critter we found in the water at Isla Cavada in the Secas Islands.


  1. The pictures are amazing! I just love the ocean....

  2. That's a cool looking "critter" you found. Beautiful anchorage. Too bad about the fees.

  3. Man! What's the story on that awesome critter?!!! So cool!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I really like the one of the sail.

    Now to see if I can identify that critter...

  5. The critter turns out to be a blue sea slug:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glaucus_atlanticus

    Apparently they can be highly poisonous. Yikes!

  6. Charles, how did I know you would come through with the critter identification?! Nicely done.