Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Isla Taboga and a Big Sigh of Relief

Isla Taboga

As we were coming into the anchorage at Isla Taboga, after escaping the long grasp of Panama City, we were surrounded by rays. Hundreds of them. They ducked and dove and glided around us as we dropped the hook, turned on the stereo and collapsed into the cockpit, happy to finally be on our way.

Our buddies the rays

I had big plans for Taboga - a shore side visit, a hike up some hill, a perusal of the town's bakery for some sailing pastries. But instead, we just watched the rays and tried to compete with the Panamanian sport fishing boat on who could blast the best worst tunes. We started with an 80s music station. Electric Avenue, here we come.

And, yes, the anchorage here at Taboga, an island just a few miles away from PC, was a bit bouncy too, but it was just such a relief to be on the move again. There's so much anticipation and momentum when getting ready for and then transiting the Canal that I just wanted to keep going, to use all that forward energy for a purpose rather than just chilling in La Playita, a.k.a. the worst anchorage ever.

We are heading for the Perlas Islands today, then a couple of islands on the West Coast of Panama and finally to El Salvador. I'm not sure how the internet will be in these places in between, but I'm guessing not great. So please don't get nervous if you don't hear from us for a while.

One last thing, we saw a giant bird feeding frenzy on our way through the big boat anchorage. Pelicans and frigate birds and gulls were coming in from every direction, as well as a couple of Panamanian fishing boats. We threw out a trolling line, but, alas, no bites.

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  1. Woo hoo! All those rays had to be quite a site ... so cool!