Sunday, February 10, 2013

We Were San Blasted

Three and a half months in the San Blas has a way of changing your behavior. Before we went into the islands, the land where time floats away, we were pretty motivated people. Vlad worked on our boat and made money by working on other people's boats. I did all kinds of chores and boat maintenance without a second thought.

But the San Blas turned all that to mush, leaving me at least with little drive or ambition, just a bit too dreamy for the real world and with an "oh, why don't we just go swimming" kind of attitude. That kind of thing works in the San Blas, but it sure doesn't get your stainless polished. When we finally left the Kuna Yala and encountered, you know, normal things like going to the grocery store or arranging travel plans, they left us exhausted and wondering how do people do more than one thing in a day. And  to make matters worse, we discovered that our brains had also gone on a bit of a vacation. All of a sudden we were having to make plans and think logically and and just generally be aware, and it wasn't a seamless transition. I was seriously considering doing some math problems just to get my brain back into shape!

The San Blas is just a different way of doing business. Instead of multitasking, you mono-task. Instead of dodging traffic at 40 miles an hour, you're dodging reefs at 2 knots (and the reefs don't move!). Almost nothing has to be done right away, so you let go of the frenetic tempo of the outside world.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), we now have that tempo back. We put our boat in Shelter Bay Marina and have worked pretty much continuously for eight hours a day. Like normal people. Somehow, I even managed to cook dinner and do the dishes.

P.S. I just wanted to say thank you to all the wedding well-wishers. All the love means a lot to us!     


  1. Love it guys congrats on the wedding plans. Both Kim and I are happy for you both!! Now get back to work!!

  2. Keep living your dream! Congradulation on the upcomming event and may you both have much good health and goog fortune.......Dave and JoAnn

  3. So that's what's wrong with me! I have been "San Blasted" in my mind. Seems to me that if I got my body down there, I would fit right in. 1 thing a day is about right lately. Just remember, that's part of the Real World, too. I love to think that somewhere in this world there are people who know you don't always have to rush everything in order to keep up. Lovely. And lovely water!

  4. Oh, argh with the puns.

    Be grateful you've had an opportunity to be truly lazy. Then get back to work.

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  6. You guys are the best! - Love, Scott & Natalie ~ ~..._/)~ ~