Monday, January 7, 2013

When Brothers Come to Town

My brother, David, with some Kuna kiddos
Our brothers came to visit us for ten days, and, yes, they brought ten cases of beer! (None for Vlad's brother Todd, though, who was a professional cyclist and does not imbibe.) We bounced around from one anchorage to another, delivered school supplies and photos from my mom to Isla Tigre, gave a Kuna family a ride, saw a MASSIVE crocodile on the river and did a lot of lounging around in hammocks.

Case in point.

We even saw a Kuna wedding, which consisted of a bunch of guys tossing the groom in a hammock and then picking up the bride and placing her in the hammock. She keeps getting out of the hammock until the fourth time they put her in when she stays. Then everyone cries. I have to admit, I also got a little misty. Sorry once again, no pictures.

 We had an amazing time with the bros, even my little brother Aleks who suffered from an impressive sunburn (gingers weren't made for tropical climates, Al). We miss them mucho! Despite the fact that they left us with three cans of Spam.

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