Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Canal Can Wait

(Note: Due to major computer drama,  publishing images is a bit tricky right now. Sorry for the lack of colorful San Blas photography.)

We were planning on going through the Panama Canal at the beginning of December and had enlisted some of our favorite people to help us make the transit. But after much consideration and talking to our Panama Canal posse, we’ve decided to wait a couple more months. Why? Because we’re loving the chilled out life in the San Blas.

It’s just a magical, easy place to be. We can swim or fish or wander around islands every day. Doing laundry up the Rio Diablo has become one of our favorite outings (we see crocodiles every time). Filling up our water tank is as easy as putting a couple of five-gallon water cans under the funnels we have set up on the bimini, and the San Blas is a cruising budget godsend. We’ve even made a few good friends down here, both Kuna and cruiser, who we’d like to spend some more time with.

So it looks like our brothers will just have to suffer through hanging out in the San Blas Islands for a week instead of the canal. Sorry, fellas. I know life is tough, but somehow we will manage to have a good time. Somehow. 


  1. So happy to hear you are digging the San Blas! What's the point of cruising if you can;t stay for a while in places you love? The canal will still be there...

  2. Very nice, to be able to hang out and not HAVE to head out! I love your blog, it helps keep our dream alive.