Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally, We Have the Internet

Sorry for the hiatus, but the San Blas is known for many things - magical anchorages, to-die-for snorkeling and primo cruising to name a few - just not the series of tubes we affectionally call the interwebs. And despite a smokin' fast internet connection during our two-day stay in Panama City, I was still unable to get up a single post due to the combination of a broken brand new Mac, photos trapped on a hard drive, lost blog posts and a swarm of very annoying technical difficulties.

But as promised, I have a heap of posts written, and maybe one day I will get to put them on the internet along with pictures. Maybe.


  1. I hope so...I missed your writing.

  2. Hey, you are back! I was thinking maybe you were just enjoying a trip without the pressure of blog posting, which I wouldn't blame you for doing one bit. But glad you are back, anyhow.