Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Red Frog Beach

One of the big reasons that I wanted to stay at Red Frog Marina was its proximity to Red Frog Beach, a gorgeous Caribbean seascape with a lush, green jungle backdrop. It's pretty darn sweet to have the ocean/jungle combo, to go for a swim in the ocean, while looking at a dense tropical forest filled with poison dart frogs and sloths at the same time.

And this beach even has surf occasionally. I've never tried surfing and no doubt would be horrendous at because it requires skills like, you know, balance and coordination, but we did bring boogie boards with us, which are always fun.

Another plus to the Red Frog Beach life is getting to see our You, Me and the D friends' dog, Dexter, go crazy chasing coconuts and driftwood. He hauls up giant pieces of driftwood and proceeds to bark at them with this ridiculous high-pitched yap. Good fun.



  1. Beautiful beach!! Is this is beach you had to walk through mud to get to? Very cool to meet fellow cruisers right there.

    1. The beach here is stunning, and I'm beginning to understand why surfers give up so much just to play in the waves. It's addicting.

      We did walk through the mud to get to this beach but only because we were trying to get to red frog from wizard beach. The typical way to get to Red Frog is on a nice, mud free road.