Thursday, July 19, 2012

We Made It to Bocas del Toro

And we actually made decent time - think, six to seven knots. That's never happened before! We are both a little on the sleepy side (I've been up since 2:00 a.m. dodging thunderstorms - slow ones, with lots of lightening - and Vlad doesn't sleep much at all during crossings), but we will give you the scoop on life in Bocas and the crossing from Providencia as soon as we recover.

Our anchorage

We are still sad, though, about leaving Providencia, so there will be a few "retrospective" posts to come.


  1. You made it! Hooray. awaiting the highly anticipated future posts.

  2. Thanks, Dani! And sorry I've been quiet on you blog lately, but every time I tried to post in Providencia the post wouldn't go through. :(

  3. Super easy. The port captain, et al. came out to the boat, and we were done in 30 minutes. It was expensive as all heck, but, hey, they let the hedgehog in without any paperwork.

    We should meet up in a couple of days, after Vlad and I get some sleep of course. We're looking forward to meeting you guys!