Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pictures of Providencia

Isla Providencia is hands down the best place we've been so far. I'll give more details about the island soon but for now here are some photos.

And we finally met the mango man. We wondered why they didn't have mangos in the store here, but now we know that you couldn't sell them if you tried. Every other person we see has a handful of mangos or is peeling a mango or is biting into the bright orange fruit. Still, it's not every day that someone offers you something so delicious just because they're being nice. And now we have fresh mangos for our fish tacos tonight!


  1. MMMM! Fish tacos with fresh mangoes! That is reason enough to be there.

    1. Melissa, you would love it! I've never seen so many mangoes in my life. They are everywhere.

  2. And the colors! The colors are amazing!!!

  3. I see Alex has already cornered the real estate market here. Miss you and LOVE these photos!