Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bye, Matt. We Will Miss You!

Matt left early this morning. He got to visit for a week, but we wish he could have stayed much longer. We loved exploring Bocas with him, forcing him to play the same songs over and over again on the guitar and getting to share our life with one of our best friends even just for a few days. Here's some more pictures from the trip, including one more of our favorite poison-dart frog.

Come back soon, Matt!


  1. Bye Matt! "Remember the mud".

    How fun to have a friend come visit, although I bet it was hard to see him leave.

    I think about it sometimes. When we go sailing and people come visit us, a week or ever two seems so short considering we will be living out there full time.

    It's awesome he had the opportunity to come down at all though! So who is the next guest?

    Are you planning to head through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific? If so are you going to have a guest or do it just the two of you?

    1. I think Vlad's dad might come visit us, and his mom is going to sail with us through the San Blas islands. We always have a wonderful time with visitors, especially when we force them to go on mud-up-to-your-knees hiking trips!

      We are going through the Canal, but I don't think we will go across the Pacific. Just up the West Coast ending in California.

  2. I just saw Matt at the Townlake Y in Austin and he said you all were doing well. I probably would not have recognized him had I not seen him on the hedgeblog, it was a small world moment. Best luck and smooth sailing, I really enjoy following your adventure. Love, Scott S.

    1. Hi, Scott! What a surprise! I hope you and Sheila are doing well, and thanks for the good wishes.