Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why We Love Mexico

Because it's full of color. Because no one is up your butt about dinghy lights or flares. Because siesta is the best concept under the planet. Because it is laid back, chill and there's always maƱana. Because there are beaches and clear, turquoise water. Because iguanas fall out of trees. Because it has signs that say "A los pescadores prohibido andar en el area en ropa interior," which loosely translated says "Hey, fishermen, don't come in here wearing only your underpants." Because the people are beautiful and friendly. Because cheap beer and tacos abound, our favorite!

So there might be some burdensome paperwork, but it can't be worse than entering the U.S. as a foreigner these days. And Vlad tells me that there's good dose of corruption, bribery and extreme poverty, too. Nevertheless, the Yucatan has been a joy to explore, and I only wish we could do more of it. So in honor of Isla Mujeres, where we've spent the past week, here's a little photo spread.

Artsy iguana!


  1. Thanks, Charles! I even forced Vlad to join in. He got the one of the postman on the motorcycle. Hopefully, I'll convince him to start taking more photos soon because he both likes it and is great at it.

  2. Well said my friend. Well said! My parents are working on a TV travel series to make people more aware that Mexico is really a very safe place to travel.
    If you're heading north after going through the canal we hope to see you!!

  3. How about, A los pescadores prohibido sin ropa interior. Vlad certainly wouldn't be allowed in the water with a line & hook! ha ha! Your photos are beautiful. I miss you both SO much. Are your ears burning constantly? (because I talk about you all the time)

  4. Living the dream! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree. Anyplace where iguanas fall out of trees has to be special. And exactly why do they fall? Are there bellies too full to hold on? They are just the coolest looking animals.