Friday, May 25, 2012

Like Swimming Through an Aquarium

I swear there are rocks right there!

Near our anchorage are rocky outcroppings and a couple of rusting wrecks that are always surrounded by colorful pangas and snorkeling tourists, and since this part of the world is a snorkeling and diving hot spot, we decided to join in. We anchored the dinghy, flipped over backward out of the boat and proceeded to paddle around looking at all the vibrantly colored fish. It was like swimming through an aquarium.

There were  angel fish and parrot fish and little box-shaped fish with horns and spots and fish with yellow and white stripes and a streak of blue beside their eyes, as though they were wearing eye shadow. They would swim right up to you and stop, staring with what seemed like curiosity. The rocky outcroppings looked barren above the water, but below the water they were steep cliffs covered in sea fans and anemones.

We did run into one big fish that was probably around five feet long and looked as if it were fairly sure that that particular piece of the ocean was his and his alone. It wasn't a barracuda, but we decided to head in a different direction nonetheless. Ok, let's face it. The dude was pretty intimidating!

All in all, it was amazing and beautiful and not even half of what we will get to see as we journey farther south. We have got to get a waterproof camera.  Oh, and I'm happy to say that we successfully imported Bettie. Now we're completely legal!



  2. GoPro comes with a waterproof case. I heard they are great under water. They don't come with memory card so you would need one of them too. They take video and stills. I have one but still haven't used it much.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  3. We actually looked around Cancun for one, but alas they don't seem to sell them here. We thought about picking one up before we left the States but just never got around to it.

  4. Wow, sounds amazing. And yeah, I know from experience Large living things in the water can scare the heck out of you..especially if they are flashing teeth!

    I also have heard good things about the GoPro. ZTC uses one and they are fairly inexpensive at $200 or $300.

    Happy I am able to comment!!!!