Monday, April 2, 2012

Crossing the Gulf of Mexico

Getting from Galveston to Key West isn't all puppy dogs and sunshine. The wind doesn't typically blow in your favor, and due to geology and the current the wave motion isn't particularly fun either. And, of course, you have to choose your weather window wisely. Currently, it's pouring outside, with rivulets of water running across the hatch. We were planning on heading out tomorrow, but we'll see.

Because the Gulf can be such a daunting proposition and it's our first offshore crossing, I asked some of the lovely ladies of this sailing group I belong to about what we should do to prepare. Here are their words of wisdom:

- Prepare meals ahead of time and bring lots of snacks, including ginger snaps for queasiness. 
- Get plenty of sleep! Thankfully, my older brother David is coming with us on the first crossing, so we should have a decent watch schedule. 
- Bring hot chocolate. Mmmm, hot chocolate. 
- Pack spare sheets and clothes in big zip locks so that you always have something dry.
- Have an amazing time!

We are going to implement all of these suggestions on our cruise, and especially the last one. Does anyone else have thoughts or advice?


  1. Ginger snaps are yummy and all, but crystallized ginger is the *best* for settling a stomach (well, of the legal and non-prescription remedies available).

  2. I like the "pink" ginger you get when eating sushi. There's a small container in the fridge if you want to grab it to try. Oh and yeah, finally set up the blog!!! So mad you're leaving (ok, jealous) b/c now I need super blog set up help. lol Fine, I'll bother someone else ;)

  3. Agree with the crystallized ginger- Whole Foods and big HEB's carry it and yes its worth the trip. Also- Pop Tarts. I know you are a paragon of healthy eating and would not usually eat such a sugary, processed snack but just when you think "man, this sucks" you have a little packet of kid memories and yumminess awaiting you. I learned the beauty of a Pop Tart stash while on a brutal hiking/rafting/camping trip.