Friday, March 30, 2012

I Am No Betsy Ross

Famous last words: "But it all looked so simple."

The good news is we have a bimini top. The bad news is I sewed it. I admit, it was a fun project, and I had a good time turning several yards of white 10 ounce, GVC vinyl into a shade from the unrelenting sun. But please don't look too closely at the stitching or you will come to understand why the only "C" I ever made in school was in home economics.

Maybe it was me. Maybe it was the material. Probably it was a little bit of both, but whatever the case, the bimini, while in the correct size and shape, has some really not pretty seams - often bunched up and crooked as though someone in a mental institution hemmed it together. But, hey, it works, though we still have to put in the grommets and then attach it to the dodger. The woman who had the boat before us was a seamstress, and I can't help but look at all the cushions and bolsters and sail covers and gear bags she made in awe. What a truly useful skill.

On the boat front, things are coming along. The engine is working well, and our diesel tanks are all filled up. We have a few more little things to take care of and, of course, more stowing. Also, I would like to thank our friends Scott and Natalie who were gracious enough to let me invade their apartment for a couple of days to work on the bimini. Without such a nice, quiet space to work in, there would have been a lot more cursing.


  1. I am a fan of cursing while sewing something like that. Also stomping around with my hands on my hips, pointing and gesturing. Soon those bad seams will just disappear from view as you enjoy being out of the beating sun. (Assuming for the moment that somewhere in the world the sun actually 'beats', a thing with which Washingtonians are sadly unfamiliar, especially just now.)

  2. I stand with you in solidarity on the can't-sew-a-straight-seam front. I admire your willingness to go ahead and do it anyway- especially on something as tricky as a bimini top- that takes cojones for certain! I am sticking with something small and simple- like port light curtains.

  3. I should have stuck with the curtains! But it was a learning experience, and at least it works.