Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And More Wonderful Visitors

Our most fantastic friends, Sally and Apache, came down this weekend with their two dogs, the latest in our troupe of visitors and, in the case of the dogs, the furriest too. Of course, since we had visitors in town, it rained all weekend. Not that it really mattered because we've been so busy working on our boat and on other people's boats that we can't even think about sailing. Instead, we got to build a tarp tent over our cockpit, making the boat look somewhat like a shanty town.  

Shanty towns are good times. And dry too!

Introducing Barry White.

And the unflappable Snarface.

Having dogs on the boat was a hoot. Barry White took to boat life pretty quickly, jumping in and out of the companion way with zero fear. Snarf, on the other hand, needed a little more loving care. Either Vlad or Apache would have to lift him in and out of the boat as he splayed his legs out in terror, clutching at every ledge with his paws. He spent most of his time lounging on our memory foam. I'm pretty sure sure there's now a permanent Snarf indention. 

We loved having Sally and Apache on the boat. I felt a little bad because we are in a "remodeling" phase - think, the giant mess that comes with working on your boat while provisioning it while living on it - but they took it totally in stride. I know that traveling is time consuming and expensive, but I really hope that they get to visit us in some faraway land. Getting to explore new places with Sally is one of my favorite things. She always shows me how to slow down and how to look, to truly appreciate how unbelievably amazing the world is. You can't beat friends like that.