Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Visit From My Brothers

My little brother Aleks.

My brothers - David and Aleks - came for a visit! And though we didn't get to go sailing, it still was a blast. Vlad cooked us pancakes on the griddle for the first time. We ate snow crab fresh from the local fish monger and a ton of homemade sushi, which was delicious! And, of course, we drank like 4 bottles of white wine.

Since sailing was out, I took my younger brother Aleks to the amusement park. He laughed maniacally on the Inverter, a ride that spins you upside down, and he won this annoying blow up hammer that he kept hitting me on the head with while saying, "boop." Typical little brother behavior.

This is where it all began. With the hammer that is.

Alas, the weather did not cooperate. It rained all weekend until Sunday, but we couldn't even go sailing then. The North wind had blown a lot of the water out of the already shallow bay late Saturday night, and everyone was pretty sure we would get stuck in the Galveston Bay muck. Plus, it was frigidly cold. I'm talking in the low 50s! (Yes, I know we're weenies, but it's been in the 70s for so long. Sniff, sniff.) Instead, we spent the afternoon reading books and nursing our substantial white wine hangovers. Thanks for the visit, Dave and Al. You are already missed.

Please don't ask what was happening here. I have no idea.


  1. Good times! I always wanted a brother. You guys remind me of my kids together. Low 50's. Huh. That's downright balmy up here. I think we need to move.

  2. We had sooo much fun. Too much, really. And I felt bad complaining about the temperature, when you guys are dealing with a snowstorm!

  3. Naw, the storm is over. We're dealing with the mess it left us. Keep talking up your beautiful weather. It gives us hope for the future!