Monday, February 13, 2012

Invasion of the Friendly Pirates

We've been invaded by pirates. Friendly, domino playing pirates.

Bettie's been blessed with visitors recently. A few days after my brothers left, our friends, Dustin and Shelby, came down from Austin to hang out with us for the weekend, sampling the joys of the Boardwalk, I.H.O.P. and some cold weather sailing. Unfortunately for us, the sailing was post I.H.O.P., and no one looked particularly pleased about it. The temperature was in the low 50s with the wind gusting out of the North, and we were feeling, well, not so spry. As you can see from the photos, at one time or another everyone aboard tried to fall asleep in the sunshine. We were so lazy we didn't even put the mainsail up. Slackers!

To top off the malaise, Dustin and Shelby didn't feel so great. Evidently, choppy waves and greasy breakfasts don't mix well. Sorry about that, guys! But we learned another lesson, and at least this time there was no duct tape involved, a baby step in the right direction.

Nevertheless, the visit rocked. How could it do anything else when you're wearing bright orange life vests for no reason?! And I won the dominoes game. Again. Those boys really need to learn how to throw them bones. 


  1. sing it sister! i hope you didn't wash the dishes. winners never do that.

  2. That's right, girl! No dish washing for me. You taught me well!