Monday, February 27, 2012

Best Deckhands Ever!

If you can't tell, Bettie is a pretty popular spot these days. Our friends, Matt and Cassidy, came to visit this weekend, which makes four weekends in a row with fantastic visitors.

We actually got to go sailing due to a brief respite in the February rain. Matt and Cassidy were rocking deckhands, even though they didn't have much boating experience, and I can't wait to have them visit us in some exotic locale. Plus, no one threw up! Of course, we also didn't eat breakfast at IHOP (Sorry, Dustin and Shelby!). As it was, we had an amazing sail for Vlad's birthday with good wind and a touch of sunshine, and we saw this way cool shrimp trawler. I love spotting these things in the bay because they're always trailed by a swarm of belligerent seagulls.

We, once again, stuffed ourselves on fresh seafood from the fish monger, played music in the cockpit, rode rides at the amusement park along, and basically wore ourselves completely out. Here's what Matt and Cassidy looked like right before they left - adorable, but in need of a nap. Especially you, Matt.

Thanks for coming to visit, guys! We'll see you in Aruba. And thanks for the ride on the Ferris wheel. It was a nice change of pace to ride on the wheel rather than to operate it.

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