Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OMG, We Have a Dinghy!!

So it's been one of my lifelong dreams to have someone row me around in a rowboat while I read poetry out loud, and now that dream has finally become a reality! Thanks to a couple of good friends and neighbors who traded their dinghy to us for some boat work, we are now the proud owners of a rigid dink complete with oars.

And Vlad was kind enough to row me around the marina while I read "Ode to a Nightingale," The Walrus and the Carpenter" and, of course, the indispensable Walt Whitman. It was truly an English major's paradise, though one of our dock neighbors pointed out that I was in dire need of a parasol. There's always next time.

With our massive draft (7'3" - yes, have the heart attack now, all you Bay Area sailors), we absolutely have to have a reliable tender to get to shore and to do any type of exploring. While we might not keep this dinghy when we go cruising, for reasons that I'll discuss in a later post, for right now it really, really rocks. Plus, it's proof that dreams really do come true!

On a totally different subject for those of you who are curious, Vlad is, indeed, wearing a Corn Palace t-shirt.


  1. Have to say this just cracks me up. My husband built our dingy, Puddler, and one of my son's favorite past times is taking girls down to the Moonrise to row them around in Puddler. Only difference is that rather than reading poetry, they're generally texting. I believe in his senior year in high school there was a competition between the girls in his class to see who would be the next 'chosen one' to be rowed around. It was a new girl each week, all just friends. What a hoot! Way to play the field without committing to anyone, son. Oh, and I believe he did sing to them as well. What a guy. Love your photos.

  2. I looked at the pictures of your dinghy. How cool to make it yourself, and I love the name!