Thursday, October 20, 2011


I finally have a stove! Well, one that works anyway. When we moved aboard, the stove was suffering from neglect. I had to cook on a camp stove on top of our real stove, which proved to be rather tricky since we live in a moving house and once I had piled the pot on the stove on top of the other stove I had to stand on my tip toes to see what was cooking!

But last weekend, Vlad fixed our stove for me, and in return I made him lasagna. He's pretty sure he'll get some cookies out of the deal too, and that may be cause I'm pretty jazzed about being able to make oatmeal again without getting cramps in my calves.

My new-to-me stove is of the propane variety, meaning that we have a tank of propane in the workshop that is vented to the outside, which is very important!! If you don't vent the propane tank properly, you run the risk of blowing up your boat. Not a good situation. Oh, and propane burns at a higher temperature than gas. Vlad gave me that chemistry lesson while I was trying to use my monkey brain to figure out how why the flame was so low.

One last stove tidbit, I promise. Our stove is also gimbaled, which means it swings with the movement of the boat. This way, theoretically, you don't spill chicken noodle soup all over yourself while out traversing the Atlantic. Theoretically, of course.