Monday, October 31, 2011

Skeeter Screens

I think I mention that we live in a massive mosquito swarm about every other post, but it's a problem that really bites, if you catch my drift. Pretty much every evening we hang out in the cockpit to watch the sun go down and the fish jump out of the water like reverse skipping stones, and then, like clockwork, the onslaught begins - citronella candle be damned.

No doubt, we'll be suffering from West Nile virus in the near future, but in order to stave off illness for a bit longer and get the lovely night breeze through the cabin we have mosquito netting over our hatches. The people who owned the boat before us graciously left custom made hatch covers that are making all the difference.

The folks over at Windtraveler, a cruising blog, list bug screens as one of the things you should take on a sailing expedition but might forget.
Here's a link to the article. Plus, with mosquito netting you can take creepy pictures like this:

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