Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Surreal Life

Have you ever felt as though your life was a movie? That somehow reality had jumped the proverbial shark and landed you in a Coen brothers' quasi-comedy where you lived on a boat in the middle of an amusement park? Well, that's pretty much what has happened to us.

We currently live aboard in Kemah, Texas, a small coastal town outside of Houston. Now, Kemah has the typical seaside touristy feel to it, with bed and breakfasts, cheesy tiki bars and, yes, a roller coaster called the Boardwalk Bullet. And our marina is smack dab in the center of the mayhem.

You'd think that we would get tired of the screams coming from The Inverter, but Vlad and I still think it's pretty funny to be chilling on deck and hear the occasional "Ahhhhhhhh!!" Funny, but surreal.

Just so you see what we're dealing with, here's a little video action taken by our dear friend Charles.


  1. HA! We are at the same marina. We moved there from Waterford because we were tired of the non-stop soft groundings every time we left the slip. I can stand it because A: We aren't going to have to live aboard there before we leave and B: we don't have to live aboard there before we leave. You are seriously bad asses. The screams don't bother me, its the drunken shouting on Saturday nights.
    Oh well, deep water and clean showers come at a cost and that cost is noise. Thanks for stopping by the blog and said howdy!

  2. That's hilarious! It's really not that tough, though. The screams eventually blend into the background, I swear. Thanks for stopping by the blog as well! Next time you guys are in the marina, send me an e-mail at bettiedelmar @ gmail.com, and we can go get some Stomps.